Indie Game Developers Introduce A Puzzle Sensation with Unique Gameplay

The concept behind "Onnect Link - Tile Match" is straightforward yet enthralling - players are tasked with connecting two identical images on a grid. What sets this game apart are its remarkable features:

Three Exciting Game Modes

Classic Mode: The basic gameplay mode that challenges players to match tiles while keeping an eye on the ticking clock.

Extend Mode: After each successful match, players gain extra time, allowing them to continue playing and accumulating points.

AdvenTure Mode: Embark on an adventurous journey of climbing towers, complete with data connectivity to the server and an infinite number of maps to explore.

Five Player - Aiding Items

Shuffle: Reshuffles the images within the scene, providing a fresh perspective and new opportunities for connections.

Bomb: Destroys any two tiles on the grid, facilitating progress when players face challenging situations.

Time: Grants additional playing time, giving players a chance to achieve higher scores

Hand: Allows players to swap the positions of any two tiles, aiding in finding hidden connections.

Find: Highlights and pinpoints the location of two matching tiles, easing the search process.

Motion Mode and Sturdy Blocks

Motion Mode: The entire image block moves after each successful connection, presenting players with dynamic challenges.

Sturdy Blocks: These solid obstacles impede the movement of tiles, adding an extra layer of complexity to the gameplay.

Random Boss Mode

A thrilling element where players face off against random bosses who consume their remaining time. This mode brings an element of surprise and strategy, pushing players to use their items wisely to overcome these formidable adversaries.



The creators have demonstrated their commitment to crafting an immersive experience that caters to diverse player preferences by incorporating distinct game modes, creative items, and challenging obstacles.


With its uniquely touch and the team's unwavering dedication, the game is poised to become a global sensation. As anticipation builds ahead of its official launch, I eagerly await the chance to dive into this puzzle adventure.