Sneaky Impostor stormed the News

It is just a tap only, single player and social distancing game. So, what has brought it to the crowd and the news?

Catch the trend

Social games has boomed during the pandemic. Among Us was the most popular theme at that time. People made songs and funs around the space suits everywhere.

Indie game dev has also became a cool path for solo developer or small groups. Making simple games has became a killing time habit for them.

Fast to market

Everyone changes their favorite games as quick as their clothes. Sometimes much more frequently. Even though the team has only 2 members but they managed to bring a full features and polished version to the market in just a month.

At the time they hit the market, the trend was still hot. People are still playing, streaming and posting things around the theme.

Do whatever it needs

As Elon said, you must wash the dishes. The guy has done everything the market required, from office dev to street marketing. He just tried to test every possilbe solutions and learnt from reality.

What else? Let's check one of the news to find more



Tired Tortoise Tribe

Very fun! Got my friend to play this game too. Would rather use a keyboard over a mouse but other than that it's fun! Could see this working quite well for mobile where you press the screen to change directions.


LOL. The news link above is also SUS :)))