Sneaky Impostor stormed the Search

It is just a team of two, one artist and the other do all the rest, from game designing to developing and to marketing. With tremendous efforts of a newbie, he tried to learn as much as possible in the shortest time available. He could achieve something but it's not much for a beginner like him.

Under the pressure

Only under critical circumstance like in a competition with strict deadline, can the people push all their limits.

After achieved that, one can feel more confident and decide to go big or go home.

Go big

After initial lessons from Sneaky Impostor, a man releazied that he still need to learn more and prepare more.

He spent quite an amount of time for the go big moment.

And here it comes

In summer of 2023, the guy comes back with a few real teams. Let's check the Games section for what they can do and achieve this year.




I'll keep playing and I'll try to find that epic secret it was talking about.